Fashion ABC

Project Start date: 06-06-2017           Project End date: 05-12-2018
Mobility activity programme dates: June to August 2018 (tbc)*

Now accepting applications until 6pm on the 18th of May 2018.

1 week extension if you missed the deadline and would like to go on our waiting list.      Apply by midnight on 25th of May.

*tbc – the 8 weeks mobility activity i.e. work placement in Portugal will take place between the months of June to August 2018 but the exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

Project Background

This project focuses on equipping people working and learning in the Fashion Sector with skills to operate efficiently and effectively and to gain new skills relevant for working in the Fashion sector which is a competitive sector that has a strong International market.

Due to pressures for change namely trade liberalisation, increasing external competition, consumer developments, technological advances, changes in production costs and environmental issues, the fashion industries are characterised by continuing restructuring and modernisation.

Skills to deal with new technologies, stimulate innovation, ensure quality management and develop international strategies and marketing are therefore crucial.


To enable 8 participants undergoing an apprenticeship training programme and Vocational Education and Training (VET) learners to:

  1. Improve their technical and professional practice skills to create higher quality garments
  2. Help them to gain an awareness and understanding of the wider context in which UK Fashion and Textiles production operates which will enable them to develop commercial awareness
  3. Change the negative image of the sector and the long term decline in Apprenticeships which has contributed to the lack of skills experienced in the sector thus preventing UK Fashion and Textiles companies attracting recruits that will enable them to benefit from growth opportunities that are emerging in International markets
  4. Respond to some of the challenges to promote employer-led skills and training solutions to increase the fashion and textiles skills in England and find more sustainable ways to improve skills in the workforce


The objectives of the project are to:

– Support people undergoing a Fashion and Textiles apprenticeship or VET learners to acquire technical production skills for creating high quality garments and to improve their employment and career prospects

-Enable the participants to gain a better understanding of the markets outside UK to give an understanding of the European dimension of Fashion enabling them to embrace an outward outlook as Fashion and Textiles has a very strong European and International market

-Increase the number of apprentices in the UK Fashion and Textiles sector

-Upskill the UK garment production workforce to have more highly skilled machinists so we can compete with the demands of the market

-Equip participants with digital techniques to enable them to be more efficient in their professional practise which will lead to increased productivity and a reduction in resource waste.

FAQ –  Project at a Glance

  1. Do I need prior experience? Yes, Fashion & Textiles student or apprentice; Level 2 – Level 4 qualification
  2. How long is it for? 8 weeks
  3. How much does it cost? It is fully funded by Erasmus+
  4. Does this count towards my qualification? Yes
  5. Do I get paid? No, but you get a daily stipend
  6. How do I prepare? You will receive guidance on living independently, language and work-based training
  7. Is there additional support? Yes, a Learn to Re-create staff member will accompany you for the duration of the work placement in Portugal
Participants Profile

The planned activity is for 8 individuals undertaking an apprenticeship programme, VET learners on a Fashion and Textiles course or Marketing course to participate in a work placement in Portugal over a 8 weeks period.

Recognition of skills and competences gained

At the end of the project, the European language passport, Europass CV and certification of competences and credit transfer namely The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) will be presented to all learners to recognise their participation and achievement of learning outcomes. This document will describe the new skills acquired by the participants during the project.

National Instrument/Certificate

Apprentices and VET learners will receive a national certificate from their educational provider from a UK recognised awarding body on completion of their qualification in a Fashion technical production or Fashion marketing subject.

Practical Arrangements

Travel arrangements

Practical arrangements to include travel, health insurance (EHIC), visa and social security that are required for the programme will be provided.


The participants will receive due allowances on a weekly and monthly basis respectively to cover subsistence costs including meals.


Adequate insurance cover is in place for our business activities and the level will be increased to cover the mobility programme.

Health and Safety

Our health and safety policy is in place to assess and minimise the health and safety risks to all those that come in direct contact with our services and to ensure their safety.

The participants will receive training as part of their induction activity on health and safety guidelines and their responsibilities.


In addition, our safeguarding policy for adults and children is used to train and inform staff of our safeguarding responsibilities to support people who are classed as vulnerable.

Data Protection

We comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 on information systems and we will ensure that our partner abides by these rules and confidentiality guidelines.

Learning agreement

This document based on the principles of European Quality charter for mobility must be signed by the participant. It will be a 3 party agreement between the participant, the sending organisation and the host organisation.

Monitoring and mentoring

– A staff member  will be assigned to provide regular monitoring and mentoring to the participants to provide advice to the participants.

– Participants will be expected to record any new learning that they have acquired in a participant log book and using the Europass CV

Preparation of Participants

To manage participants expectation of their mobility and to ensure they feel confident to achieve both their personal and programme aims, participants preparation will involve:

Pedagogical Preparation

The participants will receive work related training over a period of 6 weeks prior to their departure.  An additional linguistic and intercultural preparation will take place in Portugal.

An individual assessment will be carried out to determine each participant’s needs relating to technical production skills, employability skills, health and safety and general preparation for living outside UK.

To Apply

There is a two stage application process and the first stage is completing an application form.

Please click on the link below to open the application form

Fashion Design Training Application – Fashion ABC

Once this has been completed, please send your application form to [email protected] by 6pm on the 18th of May, 2018.

1 week extension if you missed the deadline and would like to go on our waiting list.     Apply by midnight on 25th of May.

The second stage of the application process involves attending an interview and only shortlisted applicants will receive an invitation to an interview. The interview date will be communicated with these individuals once selection has been completed.

NB: New application submission deadline is 6pm on the 18th of May 2018.


With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

                                                              With the support of the Erasmus+                                                                 programme of the European Union