General data protection statement

Any personal information you give to us will be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. Learn to Re-create Limited will use the information to process your request and to provide any relevant further information (for example key facts and details about studying at Learn to Re-create Limited, additional course literature or related educational services, open days, the application process, fees, accommodation etc.). It will also be used to support Learn to Re-create Limited’s marketing and market research activities.

The terms of Learn to Re-create Limited’s data protection notification can be viewed on the Information Commissioner’s website.

Staff and student application statement

The information which you give will be used for the following purposes: to enable Learn to Re-create Limited to create a computer and paper record of your application; to enable the application to be processed; to enable us to compile statistics, or to assist other organisations to do so, provided that no statistical information that would identify you as an individual will be published. The information will be kept securely, and will be kept no longer than necessary.

Student enrolment statement

Learn to Re-create Limited collects, stores and processes personal data about students for the purpose of administering and managing the educational programme and all other services provided by Learn to Re-create Limited; and will continue to hold data, including details of academic achievements, when students leave. The information will be disclosed to learning and employment programme funders and educational organisations. The information may be disclosed to potential employers and other relevant organisations where necessary for the fulfilment of obligations.

Attending events and marketing statement

The information supplied will be retained on a database and will be used for the purpose of course and event administration, and to compile either a paper delegate list to be distributed to all attendees at the event, or a delegate list. It may be used for the purposes of advertising future courses and events and promoting Learn to Re-create Limited.

Safeguarding our Learners

Safeguarding is the term given to Learn to Re-create Limited’s responsibilities to promote your wellbeing and make sure that you feel secure and safe.

We’ve particular responsibilities relating to our learners aged 18 years and under and learners with learning difficulties and disabilities, but we’re also responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of all our adult learners. Learn to Re-create Limited has a child protection and vulnerable adults policy and a designated Safeguarding Officer.

We review whether we’re promoting your safety and wellbeing and would like to hear from you if you’ve any comments or suggestions about this.

If you have a general concern about your own security, safety and wellbeing then please let your tutor know.

If you have a particular concern then please contact the designated Safeguarding Officer on the mobile number provided below and let them know that you have a concern about safeguarding so that you get a prompt response.

t: 07775753300 Safeguarding Officer’s direct line

t: 0800 1111 Childline